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5 settimane in Italia, il diario di Michael!

Michael Urbano


I'm writing this as I fly over the Atlantic Ocean.  I'm flying home today, back to America and I'm filled with a bittersweet feeling. Happy to come home to the place I know, sad to leave a place I'm just beginning to know.

In Italy the history is EVERYWHERE.  Not only in museums and fountains and public monuments, but in the eyes of it's people and in the air itself. I've been in Italy for nearly 5 weeks and I'll never be quite the same. There's no way an American can spend that much time in Italy and not have it create a little of shift in their soul.

As I sit on this plane my mind is daydreaming about so many things. Things like this:

- Walking through city after city, each one filled with such history, so much beautiful art, so many beautiful people… and such a hot, hot sun!

- Being the "American" and ordering a Cappuccino in the afternoon.

- Listening to my new friends talk to me about the incredible food as it's placed on the table before us, each plate a work of art in itself, representing the history and traditions of each region of the country.

- The beautiful drives through Reggio Emilia and Tuscany.

- The WILD drives in police escorts after playing shows!  Wow!  Sometimes I've got to say, “You guys are crazy”!

- The way many Italian people's eyes would light up as they told me about this city or that, their words colored with a real sense of love and pride for their country.

- Stepping into a church in Rome and nearly crying because…  it's just so beautiful.

- Walking through Florence and thinking, "I could live here".

- Listening in complete awe as thousands and thousands of people burst into song before my very ears and eyes at show after show with Ligabue.

- Being greeted, EVERY SINGLE DAY, by EACH and EVERY PERSON in Ligabue's camp with a polite and sincere, "Bon giorno Michael".

- The shows!  The shows with Luciano and the band.  By far, some of the best shows of my life. Seriously, the day after each show, I would be in a complete daze walking around with a stupid grin on my face.

- The fans. Unbelievable.  I'll get back to you on that one later.

- The band, one of the best bands I've ever played with.

- All my new friends in Italy.

- The meals. In the States we rarely sit down together and have long lingering meals, spending time together, talking to each other, and enjoying life in that  way. Maybe it's because Americans think we're so busy. DOING WHAT? Over in the States, it often feels like we're chasing a dream that no longer exists.

When I think about all this as I fly home, it puts such a big smile on my face, it almost hurts. But like I said, I'm a little sad too.

I don't pretend to understand Italia, how could I? To be honest many times I find myself baffled and frustrated by the way some things are done there. But what do I know?  I'm a passenger in a new world to me. I'm new to it all but I can tell you this, the experiences I've had in the last 5 weeks will stay with me forever.

My name is Michael Urbano and I've been playing drums with Luciano Ligabue since the European tour of April 2008. I will return in September when I have the honor of playing several shows with a 70 piece orchestra at the Coliseum in Verona.
I can hardly wait to come back.

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